Nextech Invest AG

Scheuchzerstrasse 35
8006 Z├╝rich

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Nextech Invest Ltd. located in Zurich, Switzerland, was founded in 1998 as an investment advisor and management company with a focus on healthcare and high-tech companies. Nextech Invest Ltd. (formerly Nextech Venture Ltd.) has raised a total of USD 188 million in three investment funds and currently manages USD 105 million in two investment funds focused on oncology. Nextech I Life Science, established in 1999, began by investing in European high-tech and healthcare companies at an early stage. Late 2006 saw the founding of Nextech II Oncology, the world's first globally active late-stage oncology fund; Nextech III Oncology LPCI, building on the success of its predecessor fund, followed in 2010.

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