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- Profound Recruitment/Search Consultant with a successful track record of identifying and recruiting candidates up to Senior (Global) Management - Marketing professional with experience in Branding, Social Media, Employer Branding - Experienced Project Manager with solid understanding in analysis and reporting - Robust and end-to-end knowledge in recruitment processes and systems - In-depth understanding of dealing with numerous stakeholders at all levels - Well-experienced Sport Management professional with a track record of 10 years serving top athletes and hosting international award winning sport events - Dynamic, open-minded and strong networker - Fluent in German and English - Former Tennis Professional understanding the needs to reach goals and to stretch to reach the best

Mes formations et qualifications

- Bachelor in Econimics - Strategisches Supply Chain Management (ETH/BWI) - One-Day Training on Clinical Research (Swiss TPH)

Mes spécialisations dans le recrutement

  • Régions
    • Région Zurich / Schaffhouse
    • Région Moyen-Pays (AG / SO)
    • Région Bâle
  • Métiers
    • Admin. / RH / Consulting / CEO
    • Achats / Logistique / Trading
    • Chimie / Pharma / Biotechnologie
    • Machines / Installations / Production
    • Constr. / Architecture / Engineering
  • Secteurs
    • Chimie/ Pharma
    • Energie/ Gestion de l'eau
    • Industrie divers
    • Transport/ Logistique
    • Industrie consommation/ luxe

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