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Bändliweg 20
8048 Zürich
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Mitarbeiter CH: 1001
Branche: Informatik/ Telekommunikation
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With more than 1,900 employees in Europe, Asia and the US, NNIT is one of the largest IT companies in Denmark. We supply IT services to companies and organizations in regulated industries that demand high levels of quality and security. This specialization enables us to manage large and highly complex projects.

We believe that ambitious and talented people who can think and act independently should be allowed to do so. However, we also believe in teamwork where everyone is close to both the customer and the decision-making process. This way of working makes it easier to achieve success for both the organization and the individual employee.

In NNIT we work with a special conscience, where we take on the responsibility for our clients' IT as if it were our own. We live our values every day, so you should be able to see yourself in them. We are: Conscience driven. Value adding. Open and honest.

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