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Collaborateur CH: 500
Secteur: Conseils divers
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Genioo is a revolutionary and rapidly growing company that is committed to enabling clients to improve the results of their projects and increase the effectiveness of their organization by identifying and leveraging the full potential of their people.

We have two business lines to achieve these goals:

Genioo Project Services (GPS) allows clients to improve their companies by executing projects successfully and getting maximum value from them.

Genioo Workforce Solutions (GWS) allows clients to improve and maintain the potential of their entire workforce by allowing them to diagnose the measures needed to improve.

We are passionate about providing a work environment where people can use their talents to do what they love and love what they do.

As a company, we look for unique talents and skills to offer fresh perspectives and entrepreneurial energy to our business. We are bound together by a commitment to excellence in everything we do and to giving our people the best career development opportunities.

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