MeteoNews AG

Siewerdtstr. 105
8050 Zürich
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Employee CH: 50
Sector: Media/Printing/Publishing
Revenue last year: No information available
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We hack the weather

MeteoNews creates and delivers weather forecasts and all kinds of weather related products for customers in Switzerland, France, and around the world.

We run our own forecast models, a fully automated TV studio, highly available webservices, many websites for customers as well as for our own brand, mobile apps, specialized internal tools for our meteorologists, our own network of weather stations, rendering services for newspapers and much, much more.

We do all of this with a surprisingly small but powerful IT team of only 5 people, developing many of our tools internally, based on a mostly free software stack (yep, there are a few non-free exceptions, but we tend to just pick what suits us best).
You hack the weather

You're a creative mind and you know your stuff (see below for some tools we use). You don't shy away from real work and you can keep track of multiple tasks at once. As, honestly, it gets tough here sometimes, and in our very small team we need everybody and there's no room to hide.

You're fun to work with and you have fun working. As, especially if it gets tough, we try to take things seriously, but not too seriously. Yep, we fail sometimes, and there might be some tense moments. But we all want to enjoy what we do. And you'll feel happy and proud together with the rest of the small team, every time we achieve something extraordinary.

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"Interessante, faszinierende und menschliche Umgebung."

10 months ago  — Current employee

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